Robotic palletizing

FANUC is one of the first manufacturers of robotic handling mechanisms

Especially those designed specifically for palletizing and depaletisation. This industrial robot product line is formed by 4-5 axis and very precise and fast palletizing robots, with a loading capacity of 110 to 700 kg. We can design solutions specifically for the needs of the food industry.


The complex design of the robotic palletizing program also includes the provision of handling tongs or peripheral lines, consisting of various types of conveyors, special gluing, packing or filling equipment.


Palletising line integration process
  • comprehensive design of robotized palletising line
  • creation of palletizing/depalletising programmes
  • peripherial design, construction and delivery (packing, gluing, filling equipment, conveyors)
  • handling tongs design
  • simpler applications (can be programmed at the robot without the need for an external PLC)