FANUC Robots

Why do we work with FANUC robots?

FANUC is the leader in the automation and industrial robotics market. The company’s basic strategy is high reliability in product development. Therefore, a whole third of Japanese FANUC employees work in research and development of their products.

FANUC is installing more and more smart robots into production to improve the efficiency of machine processing and assembly. They use heavily the technical and financial advantages that come in hand with the advanced automation present in their own plants. Today the company production spans more than 2,000 robots involved in more efficient and better-quality production of first-class products.


Advantages of FANUC Robots
  • a high degree of technological intelligence
  • super-accuracy
  • high functionality
  • reliability
FANUC offers the following to operations all around the world
  • robots with a loading capacity of 2 to 2 300 kg
  • palletizing and handling robots
  • robots for food processing plants
  • painting robots
  • ROBOGUIDE offline PC software
  • proprietary integrated vision system
  • a wide range of application software depending on usage